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To my former employer,

My exact position has been open ever since I was terminated over a year ago. I always see you advertising the position (as well all the other jobs no one wants). I offered to come back a few times. I understand why you never rehired me. However, while on the job, I NEVER had a SINGLE COMPLAINT. In fact, most people really liked me. But I guess you’d rather go understaffed and let your clients and employees take the additional pain. That way, everyone loses.



Boss OC-3 Super Octave

Boss’ new octave pedal has a polyphonic mode! 

BOSS GT-100 Demo

Like many people, I hate demos that are covered in reverb and delay. But here it is. Hope to hear more soon.

Roland V-Guitar. The big thing this year. Pick-up modelling, guitar modelling and digital tuning (no adjustment of hardware)

Boss has FINALLY decided to release the next in the GT series. Although they claim to have redone the amps, many could be put-off by the fact that it’s still labeled as COSM. COSM modelling was the software behind the other products in the GT series, famous for the “cocked-wah” tone.

However, everyone (me included!) loved the routing and limitless editing options in the GT-10. If the 100 has really improved upon the base amp models and kept the wonderful options of its predecessors, it could easily compete with others. Though I have yet to hear word of the price-range.

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